How to Add Rustic Touches to Your Living Room: Fall / Winter Design Guide

The old adage of how fashion repeats itself holds very much true in the world of interior design and décor as well. There was a time when we collectively thought that the idea of rough wooden beams, stone walls and décor with a weathered finish was just outdated and plain uncultured. And then we saw the last few years take a turn in this direction again with homeowners moving away from plastered walls, polished finishes and the overall ‘urbane look’. If you always loved rustic decorating style, then you probably are living it up at the moment! Читать далее

15+ Creative Built-in Bench Ideas for a Fun Family Room

What do you do when you have to add addition seating to your living space or family? Most of us take a trip to the nearest furniture store and shop around online to pick a piece of furniture that fits our needs. Hs is especially true in case of rental homes where you cannot make permanent changes to the interior. But those who own a home definitely have another cool option in their arsenal – one that is both cost-effective and durable. Built-in benches and seats are increasingly becoming a big part of the modern family room and we are here today to unravel the best held secrets of this cool trend! Читать далее

Northcote Interior: Social Kitchen with a Brick Wall and a Relaxing Family Room

Every home makeover needs something different and it is both the needs of the homeowners and the existing architecture of the home that give birth to some of the most fabulous interiors. Nestled in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote, this beautiful family residence was revamped with the addition of a new social; kitchen, dining area and family room, which becomes the heart and soul of the energized home. Conjured up and brought to life by Dan Gayfer Design, the interior now has a much more vibrant and modern vibe to it thanks to the family hangout that brings everyone together in a comfortable and classy manner. Читать далее

Trends Watch: Fabulous Fall Kitchen Colors to Watch Out For

Every season brings with a fresh new decorating ideas and trends that make a difference in homes across the world. The easiest most preferred seasonal changes come in the form of colors and as is the case each year, fall of 2021 also brings with it the hottest hues of the season. And we start our preview of these fabulous colors with a space that tops the makeover / renovation charts for almost every one of us – the kitchen. Fall kitchen colors for 2021 are a beautiful mix of the exciting and the understated. A few usher in glitz and glamor while others create soothing and serene backdrops. Читать далее

15 Small Eat-in Kitchens Perfect for Every Home: Social and Space-Savvy

Kitchen is the heart and soul of the modern home. It is much more than just an engine that powers everyone in the house. It has quickly evolved into a gathering space of sorts; one that serves multiple purposes with ease. The popularity of open plan living areas has only increased this importance of the kitchen, which started back in late 80’s and early 90’s. Today the idea of the ‘social kitchen’ is almost neither revolutionary nor one that requires you to search far and wide for inspiration. And eat-in kitchens are a big part of this new, more inclusive and engaging kitchen space. Читать далее

вывоз строительного мусора

Вывоз строительного мусора

Если вы занимаетесь ремонтно-отделочными работами, то в процессе волшебного превращения сурового бетонного стройобъекта в роскошную квартиру, в которой хочется жить у вас накапливается достаточно большое количество разнообразного отхода. Это может быть бутовый камень, битый кирпич, обломки бетона и остатки застывшего цемента, деформированные и более негодные к использованию маяковые профили, обрезки гипсокартона, куски утеплителя и огрызки медной проводки, и это не говоря о накапливающейся цементной пыли с остатками щебня или керамзита. Веб сайт услуги вывоза позволяет заказать авто и узнать масштаб вывоза. Но многие не знают, что к строймусору нужно относиться особенно, так как не знают отличия бытовых и строительных отходов. Читать далее