Top Kitchen Colors for 2022 Cutting Across Styles and Designs

There are many top design and decorating trends that are making big waves at the start of 2022. Yet, for most homeowners, the very idea of a kitchen makeover or smart renovation inevitably involves a change in color scheme as well. For those who are not too fussed about altering the features or ergonomics of the kitchen, a simple switch of colors is all that is needed to enliven the space. And there is no better time than the arrival of the New Year to make this switch. Th holiday season rush is all but gone by this point of time and often you are searching for ways in which you can utilize the additional free time without missing the good times. What better way to do this than to drape the kitchen in the trendiest colors of 2022! Читать далее

The Most Viewed IKEA hacks of 2021 goes to these 3

This post is the result of my own curiosity. I wanted to know what captured the attention of IH readers and the Internet, so I did some digging on Analytics. And I landed on these 3 posts that collectively clocked over 250,000 pageviews.

What surprised me was the top 2 were wardrobe hacks, a shift away from 2020 which saw this lockdown makeover being the most viewed post. Perhaps last year was less about WFH and more about creating an organized space? Читать далее

Biggest Living Room Design and Decorating Trends for 2022

There are times when we wonder when 2021 has passed us by. Time does fly and with a debilitating global pandemic keeping us still circumspect, it is hardly a wonder that the last twelve months have seen major changes in the world of design and decorating. These changes naturally are going to affect the trends that you see in the year ahead. From creating spaces that allow homeowners to spend more time indoors comfortably to healthier and far more cheerful homes, the last couple of years have seen living rooms embrace an entirely new trend. And today we are here to take a look at the biggest living room trends for 2022. Читать далее

Decoist's Favorite Rugs for Stylish Living Rooms

A functional and stylish living room will provide comfort for every member of the family. Adding decorative touches, such as rugs, will enhance a cozy mood while adding style.

Creating the perfect space that fits your needs isn’t always easy, however. If you need inspiration for designing your living room, we have you covered. We curated a list of our favorite living room rugs, so be sure to check them out! Читать далее

Building a Beautiful Bookcase Library Wall with BILLY

Philippe works for a builder and has designed the last two houses we have lived in. I had a small built-in library in our previous house in Melbourne.

Given my absolute love of books, that library was jammed full, with smaller bookshelves around the house for all the extras. We decided to build by the coast in Adelaide and in order to get a view of the water from the upstairs living area we decided to raise the ceiling height downstairs to 3 metres (just under 10 feet). Читать далее