Eclectic style is a way of living that means different things for different people. A style that allows you to blend in different elements and contrasting influences without ever overwhelming you with too much. The art of creating a beautiful eclectic style interior is a delicate one and involves a careful balance between just enough and not too much. It does take time, trial and error, and addition and removal of décor to achieve that perfect look. It takes a certain ‘layered’ approach and involves ample patience. And eventually, you’ll have that amazing eclectic room that steals the spotlight and puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Contemporary eclectic bedrooms are currently popular because they give homeowners a chance to introduce their own eccentricities while also staying true to an overall modern design. It is a balancing act between the curated and the impulsive, between the poised and the unexpected, the restrained and the vivacious! Exuding modernity in an understated fashion, this is a look at the most beautiful, sophisticated and cheerful contemporary eclectic bedrooms around –

Curated Use of Color

An essential part of creating the beautiful contemporary eclectic bedroom is the way in which you use color in the space. You do not want to shy away from bold hues entirely as that would lead to a mundane, modern space. Yet, you do not want to overload the bedroom with too many colors; especially if it is a small room. Shades of blue and green are always popular in the eclectic bedroom and as we head into 2022, you might want to try out shades like teal and olive green along with the many pastel, muted shades of green. Stick to two or three major colors and you can introduce tiny pops of other bright hues using wall art, decorative pieces and accents that can be easily switched out.

Balance Between Modern and Eclectic

How do you find the balance between modern and eclectic styles in the bedroom? The answer is to combine your existing modern bedroom with pops of bright color, eclectic art pieces, colorful bedding, drapes, rugs and decorative pieces that enliven the space. Natural light helps immensely in here while removing elements that do not fit in with the look will make things better. Do remember that even in the most eye-catching eclectic bedroom, there should be a few common elements that link the various pieces together. It could be common bursts of color, pattern, style or theme. Find that something that binds things together to get the perfect look.

Breezy, Beautiful and Cheerful

The modern-eclectic bedroom with a wood and white color palette is another hit that you just cannot ignore in the months to come. The color scheme has been popular across different styles and spaces for a while now and it is barely any surprise that homeowners are happy to embrace it in the modern-eclectic bedroom as well. Here, it is textural contrast of exposed brick walls, wooden ceiling beams, and polished white backdrops along with colorful bedding and indoor plants that usher in the ‘variety’ even while keeping the bedroom relaxed, smart and refreshing.