A look at the ‘Colors of the year’ reveals a lot about society at large and the general mood of the world at that particular time. It is much more than just a fashion trend that is merely picked to improve sales and force homeowners to shift between hues. Popular colors of each year, decade and era reflect the times and the general rule is that the more prosperous and happier years tend to have people veering towards more muted hues while the turbulent and rebellious times give birth to brighter and bolder colors. While the bright patterns and bold yellows, reds and greens of the 70’s and 80’s reflected those uncertain years, the calming neutrals of the 90’s epitomized that settled and tranquil era.

With a global pandemic keeping most of the world indoors and leaving us constantly worried for majority of two years, it is barely a wonder that a color like green is set to be unanimously picked as ‘Color of the Year’ for 2022. Already crowned by Benjamin Moore with its choice of October Mist shade and by Sherwin Williams, who picked Evergreen Fog as their trendsetter, green is firmly taking over the top step in the year ahead. This even as many others have picked their own shade of green for 2022 as the most popular hue. With that in mind, we take a look at living rooms draped in green and how you can add the color to your own home.

Why Green in 2022?

So why is green so popular suddenly when it is the blues and grays that have been on top of the pile for so long? Green is viewed as a color of rejuvenation, fresh starts and hope – something that many of us are desperately craving for after two years of a raging global pandemic. Then there is the matter of homeowners becoming more and more eco-conscious with their lives, giving the color a further push up the trends chart. With shades of yellow, blue and gray making a splash for so long, it was only a matter of time before green got some time under the spotlight.

Finding the Right shade

So, with green being the color of choice in living rooms, which shade do you need to choose to create a pleasing and trendy living space? We can start off by sharing with you some of the hues that top brands have picked as their ‘color of the year’. Benjamin Moore have picked a calming shade of sage green as their color of the year and it is being dubbed October Mist. It is a color that can be easily combined with other bolder and brighter hues along with deep grays for a sophisticated, modern living space.

Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams is another one of those greens that can easily pass off as a shade of gray with change in lighting and a subtle alteration of the shade itself. The color feels like a blend of muted green and light grays to give you a perfect hue for contemporary living spaces.

Create a Versatile backdrop

Just because the top trend setters in the paint and fashion industries are choosing the lighter and more muted shades of green does not mean you need to strictly stick to those colors and tints. In the traditional, eclectic and rustic living rooms, deeper ad darker shades of green for the backdrop work equally beautifully. In contemporary, modern, minimal and Scandinavian style homes, you might want to pick a pastel green hue with a neutral appeal. Combine this green with shades of yellow, blue, or even gray for a stylish and chic living space.

Source: www.decoist.com