The old adage of how fashion repeats itself holds very much true in the world of interior design and décor as well. There was a time when we collectively thought that the idea of rough wooden beams, stone walls and décor with a weathered finish was just outdated and plain uncultured. And then we saw the last few years take a turn in this direction again with homeowners moving away from plastered walls, polished finishes and the overall ‘urbane look’. If you always loved rustic decorating style, then you probably are living it up at the moment!

One of the biggest reasons for renaissance of the style is the desire to once again connect with our roots and engage with all things natural. Decades of running behind the taxing urban dream has many seeking refuge in the calm and comfort of rustic style. Even if you do not want a home that looks like a mountain cabin, you still can add many different elements to usher in that vernacular vibe. This is a guide to how the right rustic touches can transform your living space with ease –

That Wonderful Fireplace

This one is not that hard to understand and as fall and winter roll around, the fireplace becomes an automatic gathering spot in any living room. If you do not have a fireplace at your home, we strongly recommend you add one to the living space before the cold really starts to kick in. Stone fireplaces obviously have a more ‘rustic vibe’ about them than more modern, sleek fire pits. But adding any traditional fireplace to the living area helps you in creating a more rustic space.

Embrace the Warmth of Wood

Another trademark feature of most rustic living rooms, everything from walls draped in wood to wooden accents and décor in wood can give even a modern living room that subtle rustic bend. Heavy wooden floors are an easy way to get this accomplished without actually altering the rest of the room or you can even opt for a wall clad in reclaimed wood for a more authentic rustic look.

Exposed wooden Beams and Stone

We did talk about the magic of wood and how it is an essential component of all things rustic. But if you have a living room with wooden beams, then leave them exposed to gain the maximum visual effect. You really do not need to do much else here apart from adding a few décor pieces with rustic flair to transform the ambiance. Then there is the matter of stone walls and again, those who have a living room with the feature can consider themselves very lucky indeed. Stone, combined with wood is a great combination for the rustic living space!

Faux Fur and Cowhide Rugs

Another staple of winter decorating, faux fur and cowhide rugs are a great way to easily give the living area a more rustic visual appeal. Unlike wooden walls, ceiling beams, stone walls and fireplaces, this one is easy to incorporate in any home, takes little effort and works every single time. Swapping out your existing rug for a plusher option is much more cost-effective than altering living room backdrops and adding new architectural features. Easy and eye-catching, this is a must-do as you head into October.

Curated Pops of Restrained Color

Rustic living rooms also welcome a fair bit of color and the one hue that we seem to find in most beautiful rustic living rooms is red. Add red with throw pillows and other accents to the living area and feel free to also try out ‘elegant pastels’ instead of a white backdrop for a more daring backdrop.

Vintage and Reclaimed Decor

Adding a single piece of furniture with a bit of worn-out, upcycled finish is another easy way to bring rustic-inspired look to the modern living area. A coffee table crafted from reclaimed wood or a flea market buy that has been given a fresh coat of paint works wonders in here. Combine them with a side table crafted from a tree stump and maybe a cabinet in the corner with chicken wire-clad doors and you have all you need for the transformation!

Usher in a Cozy-Modern Vibe

The most important element that adds an undisputed rustic appeal to the living room is not a specific, singular feature but the overall ambiance brought together by different smaller details. This is where you take the ‘hit and miss approach’ and try out different things before you settle on a final look. Apart from the easy additions like the cowhide rug, red accents and reclaimed décor piece changes in lighting fixtures and a shift towards classic chandeliers, sconce lights and maybe even a few candles on the fireplace mantle can help tie everything together.