The kitchen is the perfect melting pot for the modern home with open-plan design where several different activities can be combined with ease. Contemporary kitchens are a beautiful balance between fabulous aesthetics and flowing ergonomics; offering the best of both worlds. And many of these kitchens tend to come with modular solutions that make your choice a whole lot easier and take the ‘size of the room’ out of the equation. No matter how small or big your kitchen is, embracing these chic and functional design becomes a complete no-brainer. So, why are you still stuck in the past?

Best contemporary kitchen designs have a certain understated flair that sets them apart from the crowd. They are indeed revolutionary and yet do not overwhelm you with unnecessary frills, gadgets and technology while opting for simpler, more practical solutions. Borrowing from the past, integrating those inspirations with current designs and planning for the future, this is a look at a trio of stunningly gorgeous and effective contemporary kitchens that will inspire you to alter the way you cook and live!

Polished, Woodsy and White

It is hard to move past the trend of wood and white when it comes to trendy contemporary kitchens at their sophisticated best. Designed by Bondi Kitchens & Joinery for a modern home in Marrickville, West Sydney, this fabulous kitchen epitomizes this trend perfectly. The kitchen is a dream for those who love contemporary refinement, engaging minimalism and a backdrop that is draped entirely in wood and white. With a sloped ceiling, captivating marble stone backsplash, LED strip lighting and state-of-the-art appliances, this kitchen feels both relaxing and ravishing.

Dandy Plus with Italian Charm

Kitchen and Italian design at its finest is a combination that is renowned across the globe and the Dandy Plus designed by Fabio Novembre for Scavolini takes this fine tradition forward in some style. A contemporary reinterpretation of the Dandy kitchen designed originally in the 80’s, the kitchen feels comfortable while adapting to new-age spatial needs. Slim tables for the eat-in kitchen, sleek wall-mounted cabinets that maximize the vertical space and smart countertops that allow you to cook and prep with ease, this is a kitchen that has it all. Throw in the many bespoke décor solutions that Scavolini offers and you have a dashing kitchen that suits everyone’s needs.

Find that Missing LINK

Created for the modern living with open-plan design, LINK as its name suggests, bridges that gap between your living room and the dining area. The kitchen effortlessly morphs as an extension of the polished living area next to it and ensures that there is no change in style or overall ambiance. Designed by Snaidero, this kitchen is just perfect for the urban home where space is limited and every square inch matters dearly. If you want a living area, kitchen and dining space without partitions while still offering the best of each element, then LINK is a fine choice.

Dedicated to those who feel ready for a revolution of the traditional idea of home space: LINK in one word is connection. There are no more spaces dedicated to a specific activity, eveything becomes contamination while celebrating the uniqueness of the project.