Every season brings with a fresh new decorating ideas and trends that make a difference in homes across the world. The easiest most preferred seasonal changes come in the form of colors and as is the case each year, fall of 2021 also brings with it the hottest hues of the season. And we start our preview of these fabulous colors with a space that tops the makeover / renovation charts for almost every one of us – the kitchen. Fall kitchen colors for 2021 are a beautiful mix of the exciting and the understated. A few usher in glitz and glamor while others create soothing and serene backdrops.

Adding color to the modern kitchen comes in many forms; from the backsplash and the backdrop to the accents and cabinets. From the trendiest colors of the year to those that make a regular appearance this time of the year every single time, it is hard to ignore these hues as you step into fall. Whether you have a fab social kitchen that is perfect for entertaining or one that is compact and functional, it is time to try out these chic colors –

Green is the Flavor of the Year!

The color that is making the biggest impact in homes in 2021 is undoubtedly green and it is a color that works beautifully through fall months a swell. Green, like every other color, is available in a wide range of hues and tints, but it is the darker shades that are more popular in the kitchens of 2021. Be it cabinets and shelves to the backsplash and accent walls, deep green, olive and shades like pine leave you mesmerized even while allowing you to keep rest of the space as neutral as possible.

White with Woodsy Warmth

Another color palette that is as popular in kitchen as it is in the bedroom or the living space, the wood and white look is one that you can easily fall in love with. A trend that has emerged in the late 2019’s, the color combination is still running strong and is showing absolutely no sign of slowing down. Embrace this backdrop in the kitchen and shift between accent hues to create a more inviting, enjoyable and adaptable kitchen that works across seasons and fleeting trends.

Dazzle of Gold

Yes, we know that gold is not the first color you think about when it comes to kitchen hues. But you still would want to add a bit of golden glint and a dash of dazzle to this space this fall with kitchen fittings and faucets in brass. You can even turn to pendants and other smart finishes in the kitchen for an ambiance that is brighter and far more engaging. Just a hint of this metallic magic can make a huge difference in your modest kitchen.

Reliable Orange Goodness

Yup, we know this sounds a bit too clichéd, but the classics are so for a reason. Orange never fails to impress this time of the year and adding it to your eat-in or social kitchen ensures that you have a backdrop that is just perfect for Thanksgiving and Halloween parties as well. As is the case with orang every single time, you would want to use the hue in modesty and just a splash of orange is all you need to enliven the kitchen in neutral hue. Restraint coupled with the right style is the way to go while using orange in the modern kitchen.

Which of these do you love the most?

Source: www.decoist.com