The perfect family room means different things for different people. Not every family is the same and their varying needs mean the family room needs to be crafted uniquely in each home. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach in here and just like the dream kitchen or the cozy master bedroom, it takes a lovely blend of what you need along with smart aesthetics to deliver the right results. It goes without saying that contemporary style is pretty popular in most modern homes when it comes to the family room. But it does not mean it is just a bland space with a couple of couches and a giant TV!

The key aspect in design of an efficient family room that brings everyone together is to keep the focus firmly on the ‘family’ aspect of it. No single individual’s choice should dominate the setting. Yet, you can always choose a central look around which other elements are built for a beautiful family space. Some are an extension of the open plan living area while others could stretch out into the backyard or on to the deck. This is a look at trendy contemporary family rooms that promise something for everyone along with tips on how to create your own, ideal family room.

Adapting to your Lifestyle

A lot of people believe that the advice of creating a family room that adapts to your lifestyle is a cliché of sorts. But that is probably the best advice you will ever get as not every family room requires the same setup and features. For instance, a family with kids needs a space with play area thrown into the mix along with space for adults to sit and relax while they keep an eye on the little ones. On the other hand, families with older kids, teens or even those without kids might prefer a more sophisticated family room built to host guests regularly. Some might veer towards catering to the needs of the bibliophile while others offer a much-needed comfortable heaven that lets you relax after a long, hard day.

Multi-Tasking Family Rooms

The ideal family room needs to be more than one thing and allowing it to morph into different spaces through the day makes for a more efficient utilization of space. Family rooms can be gaming hubs, reading zones thanks to a window seat or comfy seat in the corner, play areas for kids, space for the entertainment unit that hosts friends and family on game nights and just a relaxation zone in general for everyone. Creating a central area in here that is capable of bringing everyone in the family together holds to key in amalgamating these different spaces into one large, curated family room.

Lighting, Seating and Style

The first thing you need to sort out beyond the functional aspects of the family room are its style and the color palette for the room. Once you have these picked, then move on to the seating choices and add a variety of different seats to accommodate everyone in the family. Add few pieces of décor that are easily movable and allow for some free space in the room that can be used creatively when needed. A bit of buffer space always helps!